Ukrainian single girl Ludmila 41

Nikolaev, Ukraine
5'7" - 170 cm
121 lb - 55 kg
Eye color:
Hair color:
Body type:
Marital status:
never been married
on occasions
I prefer active lifestyle, go to the gym to keep my figure and to be healthy. I take a great interest in music. Popular, classical music, jazz or pock-n-roll. All depend upon my mood. I am very curious and always try to know something new. I like to read
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Aim of acquaintance

Marriage, flirt

About me

It is not an easy thing to speak about yourself. It is quite difficult to look at yourself from aside. So let me to be honest. I consider myself kind-hearted, reliable, affectionate, sincere and eager girl. I am friendly and cheerful. I love children so much. I feel comfortable in jeans and in evening dress. At the same time I am a very responsible person. I try not to be late and feel sad when others don't come on time. I try to treat other people so as I want them to treat me. I appreciate people's honesty, kindness, intellect. I don't like when people are rude and aggressive. My dream is to have a loving family. I can even travel across an ocean or desert to find true love. I want to belong to my only man, whom I can trust and relay on, who can be a perfect listener, who can share my ideas, so that we can feel our hearts beet together. I'm really gentle, tender and caring, and If I get the same response I will be able to give all my sincere love in exchange.

About my partner

What is an ideal man for me? I can easily say that I don't really care about his appearance because his personality is much more important for me. I want him to be clever and wise, affectionate, soft-hearted, reliable, considerate and trustworthy. He rather acts than says. His thoughts are noble and great without selfishness and greed. His soul is kind, full of such treasures as courage, honesty, dignity, respect. He is not acquainted with rudeness, envy, meanness and cowardice. He never insults his beloved woman, never makes her heart cry. He wants to devote his life to his family. He is a faithful husband and careful father. So I'm looking for my ideal man for whom I want to be an ideal woman.