Ukrainian single girl Oksana 31

Odessa, Ukraine
5'5" - 164 cm
110 lb - 50 kg
Eye color:
Hair color:
dark brown
Body type:
fitness trainer
Marital status:
on occasions
English level:

About me

I am a girl who is always positive no matter what ;););) I can smile and laugh easily ...and I do this a lot !!! Sometimes I love to tease and make jokes ,It is playful side of me , but my jokes never hurt ,I promise !!! I believe humour makes life brighter ,it brings new colors ,and it helps to be happy no matter what is going on ... Because there is no good or bad events in our life ,it is just how we react on them, ... Do you agree with me ? My friends tell I am very good friend and I am funny to spend time with:) I love different games , I organise how to spend time with pleasure , and my friends can't live without my company ... I am sporty and active... It could be clearly seen from my profession ... Yes , I am fitness trainer in sport club . And for me my job is also my passion ,my hobby , my life style ,it is something I can't live without .;) I love the feeling when my body works ... It is the feeling of power and energy ...amazing. !!!! I dream to travel different places in the future , all hidden parts of the world ... It is fun on the one hand and on the other - you learn a lot when you travel and it changes you ... You see how people in other cultures live and it makes you to think wider than you thought before start to understand life has variety of forms and it so beautiful !!! In fact our planet is not that really big ,we are much closer to each other than we think . There are no "other " people ... We are all one big family ...

About my partner

You know I have no idea how men in your country treat women ...really . Will you tell me about it ? I am here because it seems to me that there is something wrong with Slavic guys attitude towards women .:) Maybe it has much to do with them being addicted to vodka :):):) smile , or maybe there are other reasons ,but !!!! I want to build a family with a true man who is not scared of taking responsibility and who is not ashamed to be sweet and tender at sweet moments ,and be strict and strong in hard moments of life . I want his love not only in the dating period , but I want it all life long !!!! Like my parents have ...they love each other all their life and care for each other !!! So I know eternal life exists ,it is not fairy tale , and I want this love !!!! What about you ? If you want the same we could be very happy together !!!;)