Ukrainian single girl Aliona 45

Odessa, Ukraine
5'7" - 170 cm
123 lb - 56 kg
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never been married
I have many different things to do and I like all of them - to go in for sports, such as jogging, aerobics, and reading historical and classical literature, books on psychology; and to watch movies of different genres and to make handwork, such as sewing and knitting - all these things bring pleasure and relaxation while you do them. I enjoy different kind of music, but mostly pop and classical music. I really like theatres, different shows and exhibitions with animals, I enjoy learning new languages, meeting new people, being in nature. Ahhh. Instead of telling more of my hobbies, I would rather say about activities I wish to do together with you when we become a couple - would that be interesting for you?
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marriage, serious relations, dating

About me

I do not believe in zodiac signs too much - but I am very attentive to all the signs of the nature. Do you know what that means? My nature is balanced and combines both thoughtful and decisive sides, actually 50/50-so this is me. The other good combination in me is that I am both a good listener and an easy speaker that is very good for finding common language with the person you like. Have you tried this? I am devoted and sincere person; I am feminine, respectful and mild woman with my man. I may see things from different angles. Some people say that this refreshing attitude to life makes me so special and unusual- but maybe there are more things you might see about me, things which are not written here in this profile? I am the person, who prefers healthy lifestyle and natural food, and I do not have bad habits, I think it is natural nowadays.I am well-organized, I think life is good when things are in order - however, spontaneous romance is always welcome for me.

About my partner

My man is sincere, supportive and never lets close people down. You are a decent person, which means you do not show off much. You are not too shy but modest, and friendly enough to communicate - you see, not really much needed to start talking to a sincere woman. You are kind to animals. You have your own opinion and you know what you want out of this life. You are just a natural personality, you are what you are, as seems like you are a very special personality Am I right? So, you also think relationships are based on mutual understanding, trust and values? We definitely should give it a try! But - remember. if you try to behave too smart on a first date, I will never choose you. The last sentence means - I value and use humor sometimes, and I hope you do not mind! Smile here and tell me what your intuition says?