Ukrainian single girl Alena 29

Nikolaev, Ukraine
5'3" - 159 cm
97 lb - 44 kg
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light brown
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Hello my amazing and wonderful man! Here I need in a few words to describe myself. It's very difficult because I am multifaceted person and you need learn me as an encyclopedia, very cute and funny encyclopedia. You will never regret that spent a lot of time on me. I can be very pleasant surprise in your life. What to tell about me else? I am full of energy young girl who wants to be realized as a woman and as a personality. I can send my vital forces in the right direction, in any situation I am in a positive mood. I am good listener. I am able to take criticism and make the necessary conclusions. I am like a vessel, which filters out life and takes in myself only the best. I have a wonderful motto: "I must be as happiness. I must be as joy, because I am as ray of sunshine!"
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About me

I am a very happy girl because my hobby became my job and every day going to work I get a kick out of what I do. It's called creative nail design, but I'm not just doing a manicure. It seems more as creating the real objet d'art and decorating hands of girls in same time. I am really like to see joy on their faces after visits me. Other than that, I love walking outdoors, fishing and writing poems. The only one thing what I still cant win - is swimming, but I'm sure that will come time and I will do it better than all. The main thing is a desire, but the ability we can found everywhere and always!

About my partner

There is no perfect relationship. There is relationship which makes the different people a native for each other, which bring more joy than sorrow, there is a relationship which combines a love, passion and friendship. Just there is a connection which cant to stop, no matter what will happen, it's just trying to get rid of loneliness for some time. I need a man who would look at me as on a part of himself, who will love me and let me love him too. I need a man who'd live with principle that everything can happen in life, most importantly take a breath, be calm and the night will solve any disagreements, because of love and feeling to be together, take care about each other and just to meet new day in arms of each other.