Ukrainian single girl Natalia 27

Odessa, Ukraine
5'11" - 180 cm
132 lb - 60 kg
Eye color:
Hair color:
dark brown
Body type:
Engineer Maritime transport
Marital status:
Music, fashion

Aim of acquaintance


About me

A responsive girl who knows how to smile and enjoy life. It is so beautiful when you are always happy about life. I am a kind girl; I think so, because I cannot do evil to other people. Very rarely, when I lose myself. It is in my best interest to remain an intelligent girl. I grew up in a family where there is harmony and prosperity, because I do not know what sadness is. I like to support people in difficult times, because I like it - always give well in large quantities. I do not expect anything in return, I have no self-interest - I have only a pure heart and the intention to help people. In my younger years, I can be a little impulsive, because it is so obvious. In turn, I believe that impulsiveness is a laudable thing in certain situations, for example, impulsiveness in love. I am very sensitive, even now, when I am alone, I want that someone hugged me - it is nice, but at the same time, it is scary.

About my partner

I need someone who will replace of my pillow. I am tired of hugging my pillow and myself every time to satisfy myself physically. I need a man who will be soft and warm as my pillow. I want to rub against him and feel his impulses to a physical act. I need someone who will take my passion, my love, all of me. There is too much love in me; I can say that I have it in abundance. I want him to be my blanket, which would warm me in cold nights. It does not even matter how he will warm me, the most important thing is that he should have me in his heart. I am a very wild and unbridled girl; therefore, he must have great strength is always keeping me on him, like a rider, a wild ride. I am a very wild and unbridled girl; therefore, he must have great strength is always keep me on him, like a rider, a wild rider. I am a girl without complexes; I can fall in love with anyone whom I find attractive without any questions.